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Any episode with Dean Cain and Helen Slater in it is a good episode to watch! We were very excited to see his return but we knew from the episode 15 synopsis that the homecoming Jeremiah Danvers was going to receive wasn't going to be the best. Mystery surrounded his return and for good reason! Here are the elements that stood out to us:

  1. Mon-El and Kara: Well we were surprised a little by this. Guess Mon-El and Kara's relationship progressed quite a bit! It was cute the Mon-El was so excited to tell everyone they were dating but come on, Rule #1 guys, got to respect the woman's wishes!
  2. Heat Vision Bomb: Kara unknowingly created a heat vision bomb when she was captured by Cadmus. Well at least we think. The idea was actually pretty cool. We'll have to rely on our comicbook experts but to our recollection, there's never been a heat vision bomb!
  3. Danvers Family Dinner: This was an incredible scene, very moving! Both the Danvers girls had their significant others there and Jeremiah accepts Alex and Maggie right away! Then out of nowhere you have the bombshell that Eliza and Jeremiah need time to get back to where they were. We can't blame them but it was a shock for a TV show to recognize that! THEN, if that wasn't enough, Mon-El calls out Jeremiah in the middle of a family celebration! (Side note, so glad J'onn was there, he is family). But to cap it all off you have Jeremiah telling Mon-El that he knows who he really is! So much amazing acting in this scene!
  4. Sister Fight: These are always so hard to watch. Because it's tv, their fights aren't like usual sister fights, they are in outlandish and intense situations that you don't see everyday. But anytime Alex and Kara fight it hurts our core! What Alex said to Kara was deep and has to have some repercussions in the future!
  5. Cyborg Super-Jeremiah: We don't think Jeremiah is fully bad, he is conflicted or put into a weird rock and a hard place, but he did just deal a major blow to the DEO! Having a cyborg arm too, that is just awesome! It's like he is a kind of Cyborg Superman! The way Eliza reacted to Jeremiah when she first hugged him, makes us think she might have been on to him from the start!
  6. Jeremiah's Betrayal: Supergirl is off saving a train which is right out of Superman the movie, which we loved, and you've got Alex holding her father at gun point! Talk about heartbreaking! Chyler and Dean really nailed that scene! We know there has to be a good reason why Jeremiah is helping Cadmus but what it could be totally escapes us. Will there be redemption for Jeremiah?

Major wrap up moments: Maggie and Alex's hug and support scene was sorely needed. Seeing how Alex finally has someone that isn't family that she can rely on was sweet. Kara and Mon-El share a moment too and for once, Mon-El didn't turn out to do the wrong thing and say "I told you so". He reminds us of Tim the Toolman Taylor, good intentions but really poor execution. Finally, you have Jeremiah making some kind of deal with Cadmus (we think to save Kara and Alex) but then a spaceship rocket thing is revealed? WOW. Judging by the trailer, this feels like a two-part episode! Can't wait for next week!

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#64 HomecomingDebodoo22 2017-03-04 15:05
I love the Supergirl cast but believe Chyler Leigh is a major reason why we become invested in these characters & their relationships. She has amazing chemistry with all her co-stars whether it's Melissa(❤️ Danver Sisters) David or Floriana - the last scene in Homecoming when she didn't even have any dialogue was phenomenal. If your heart didn't break for Alex in that scene you are made of stone.....

Danver (autocorrect grrrr) lol
+1 #63 RE: Homecoming RecapStewart Tick 2017-03-01 07:12
"It's always fun to see her use her powers in more down to earth situations than fighting aliens."

Exactly - that's why I always have Kara dealing with ordinary organized (and amateur) crime in my fan-fiction stories. We've already seen plenty of evil aliens and "supervillains" (like the Luthors), haven't we?
And this version of Supergirl isn't totally invulnerable to everything but kryptonite (like in the Silver Age comics), so human "bad guys" can easily come up with makeshift weapons to threaten her with (high voltage electricity, explosives, thermite, etc.) In my latest story, I actually do have Kara taking on some veteran bank robbers. But I made Maggie the star of the story this time and had her crack the case. I wanted to give her something to do besides just being Alex's girlfriend ;)
+1 #62 RE: Homecoming RecapKelly 2017-03-01 06:16
Any and all shows can improve, there is no doubt. I have done my share of criticism on some areas of the show as well. Unfortunately, what I am seeing is far more than that...there is an agenda behind some of the critiquing and that is where my frustration comes from, not in the critiques themselves...everyone can have an opinion, it would be pretty boring if we all agreed, all the time. I do also think that some do analyze to a degree that it takes away their enjoyment. That isn't to say that some of the things they see wrong, should not be fixed, it is simply to say the degree of analyzing can be to the detriment of enjoyment. Comic book fanboys and fangirls are known for analyzing like crazy their favorite CB's come to life. I've watched it now going on 14 years, that is never a surprise to me. That is not exactly what I have been seeing on Twitter, and what I see there is just not "nice" for lack of a better word. The climate for the series has changed, and order for my enjoyment of the show to continue at the height that it is, I will move to a better climate. ;) That is my last word on the subject... chill and refill is my motto for the remainder of the season.
+4 #61 RE: Homecoming RecapKiwi 2017-03-01 01:40
Quoting Brandtm2:
It's alwaysfun to see her use her powers in more down to earth situations than fighting aliens.

Agreed, my favourite opening to any of the 34 episodes so far was in S2 E2 when Supergirl and Superman put out the fire and stopped the bank robbers. As she said herself Team Krypton was having #toomuchfun and so was I. :-)
+7 #60 RE: Homecoming Recapjacksc01 2017-03-01 01:39
I think Melissa Benoist should receive awards for the following:

Even though she is the star of the show she doesn't seem to mind letting others shine and develop their characters.

She always has a kind smile on her face that is genuine and only sincere compliments for her TV family.

She is the best in acting talent.

Her uniqueness and beauty spills out when she is being Melissa Benoist, SuperGirl and Kara.

She is the character that is consistent and the heart of the show and both seasons.

It would be nice if shows like this would receive substantial awards during the year.
+3 #59 RE: Homecoming RecapFedguy 2017-02-28 23:00
Agree with SSAV, everyone has the right to handle fiction how they want, whether with a critical eye or total unwavering fandom
+3 #58 About critiquingSSAV 2017-02-28 22:29
Quoting Kelly:
it is just so frustrating to see people analyze the hell out of something that has some of the most incredible actors acting their hearts out to make it the best. I'm enjoying the season, and enjoying the ride into Season 3. People can get on the train or be left at butthurt station.

I don't think it's people coming to the show with a scalpel to see what's bad about it. Or willingly analyzing it just for the sake of it. How folks relate to shows is a lot about their own life experiences. So, the bad reactions you see could be just as intuitive and visceral as the folks who enjoy it (for whatever reason). (Unless, you are a professional critiquer).

Besides, the show has plot holes. Most writers or readers of decent books and series can see that. Critiquing it doesn't mean you hate the show or don't enjoy the bits of it you like.

As my mother would say: "Do I scold the neighbour's kids when they disappoint me? (Or, do the neighbour's kids even disappoint me?)"

It's people who love it who want it to do better. Now, you may disagree that it needs to do better, that is your prerogative.
+5 #57 RE: Homecoming RecapBrandtm2 2017-02-28 18:42
Quoting Kiwi:
That episode gets a 10 alone for the train save. Way to keep this Supergirl fan (who has a special love for the Superheroics) very happy :-) . Everything about it was incredible, from the flying to the Super-strength to using her heat vision to seal the tracks, just a total package of Super-powered awesomeness. Great work by Melissa and the VFX team.

I enjoyed the train scene too and for that matter in the Mxyzptlx episode of the bullets bouncing off Supergirl when she broke up a robbery. It's alwaysfun to see her use her powers in more down to earth situations than fighting aliens.
+3 #56 RE: Homecoming RecapBrandtm2 2017-02-28 18:34
Quoting jacksc01:
Just looked at the episode for the second time. I wonder if the deal Jeremiah made with Cadmus was that if he helped them get a registry of all the aliens on earth, they would promise not to take Kara. Just a thought. I am not a fan of Mon El but I sure was happy he was there for Kara in the end when she needed someone. She did everything right - she questioned when needed and kept an open mind and still got emotionally hurt. I love the character of Alex but last night she really said things that were not rational and not deserved by the receiver. She owes Kara/SuperGirl some major apology time.

Maybe Alex should apologize but this episode nicely showed the difference between Alex and Kara even though both were devoted to Jeremiah. Kara didn't know him until she was 12 and then only for a few years. She would be more capable than Alex of taking an objective view and ask hard questions. But Alex however commendable her love and loyalty to her father was far less likely to question him and more likely to view criticism as an outrage.
+3 #55 RE: Homecoming RecapStewart Tick 2017-02-28 18:18
"I hope there’s no such thing as a human version of Red K because Alex doesn’t need it. Ever."

Ummm... doesn't alcohol affect some people that way?
And needless to say, Alex has indeed been indulging in that particular vice! :)

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