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Family moments in this show are some of the best on TV! Sister moments, J'onn, Alex and Kara moments, Thanksgiving moments, and now next Monday's all new episode of Supergirl is going to feature the biggest family moment of them all, the return of the Danvers family! Well ... we hope! There are some pretty exciting photos from next week's episode below that give some great insight to what to expect! On top of that, this episode has 19 photos! When they release that many, its bound to be a big episode!

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+1 #16 RE: Homecoming Galleryellacookson 2017-02-26 00:14
Oh I love that photo of Kara and Mon-El... :-) IMO, Kara has been so lonely this season.. Alex has had Maggie, Jo'nn has had Magan and Winn has spent most of his time with James. It's nice to see someone with Kara who makes her laugh and smile the way he does.

Really looking forward to this episode (as I am every episode) looks like it will be an emotional rollercoaster, hopefully Alex and Kara mend any broken bridges before the episode is finished. Really happy to see Mumma Danvers back, I love episodes that she's in.
+1 #15 RE: Homecoming GalleryAlex 2017-02-24 08:32
Already a great episode. Helen Slater's back!
+3 #14 RE: Homecoming GalleryKelly 2017-02-23 10:55
I could be wrong, but I think #9 is just a BTS pic.... Melissa's hair looks pinned up which they do in rehearsals.
+2 #13 Homecoming Galleryhayleymay 2017-02-23 09:33
Great photo gallery looking forward to this episode. Loved the Mxyzptik episode really funny and one of the best. I love the Supergirl show it's positive and empowering and the cast compliment each other. Up up and away
+1 #12 RE: Homecoming GalleryBrierrose 2017-02-23 08:23
Very nice to see Maggie and Mon-El meeting the parents and including J'onn is the icing on the cupcake. I'm guessing this is where Mon-El becomes suspicious. I wonder what our smart detective Sawyer thinks? What about J'onn is he so happy to have his friend back that he ignores any doubts?
+1 #11 RE: Homecoming GalleryRomulus 2017-02-23 07:46
Very nice. Thanks for posting them here. Ought to be quite the captivating episode. 8)
+2 #10 RE: Homecoming Galleryjacksc01 2017-02-23 06:58
Quoting LizDanvers:
Oh man, I really feel like this episode is going to give and take away. Those happy moments will be fleeting. I am both excited and scared for this episode! Anyone else feel like this will be an especially rough one for Alex?

I agree with you that it will be an especially tough one for Alex because its her Dad and to get him and then lose him again will be hard on her. I also think it will be a rough one on Kara - she will go through the emotions of rescuing Jeremiah and then losing him again plus go through rejection from Alex. I think it will be one of the most emotional of the episodes that we have seen so far.
+4 #9 RE: Homecoming GalleryLizDanvers 2017-02-23 06:10
Oh man, I really feel like this episode is going to give and take away. Those happy moments will be fleeting. I am both excited and scared for this episode! Anyone else feel like this will be an especially rough one for Alex?
+3 #8 RE: Homecoming GalleryRobertAnthony 2017-02-23 03:19
Based on the pictures and trailers...I highly doubt Jeremiah is normal. CADMUS has gotten to him I'm afraid. The fight between Kara and Alex will be yet another test; another try to tear them apart. Mon-El is in the right to suspect all this and will take the slings and arrows, but in the end he will sadly be proven right. But THAT CAN ONLY INCREASE THEIR ANGER against CADMUS and Lilian Luthor. This will be more heartbreaking than when Astra was killed off or if I may go to The Flash, as heartbreaking as the time when Zoom killed Henry Allen near the end of season 2.

As Rod Stewart once sang, "Every Picture Tells a Story." And these pictures tell a story of temporary joy which about to become massive heartbreak...and a war with Hank Henshaw, Luthor and the population control freaks called CADMUS.
+3 #7 RE: Homecoming Galleryjacksc01 2017-02-23 01:33
I love these Danver family moments and it looks like the Jeremiah that is there, is very accepting of Alex and Maggie and Kara and Mon-El. I just wish it was the true Jeremiah which we know it probably isn't. However, if you look at the pictures of Eliza - you can see doubt in her face - at least I do. I know its got to have its rocky moments or it wouldn't be an adventure but as long as Kara and Alex have their make-up moment and the real Jeremiah shows up in the end, I'll be a happy camper. Come on writers the Danver sisters need their real dad back and Eliza needs her true husband - as Captain Jean Luc Picard would say - make it so.

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