Helen & Melissa Scene Together?

Today was a milestone day! Tomorrow, another one! We are hoping Helen Slater, guest star on the show, gets to have a scene with Melissa Benoist. If we were to dream, we'd love to have a passing of the torch type scene. Nothing directly like one Kryptonian Supergirl to another, but something symbolic. Perhaps we can set our fears aside, Helen Slater tweeted this out tonight alluding that she could be filming with Melissa tomorrow:

0106 tweet

After re-reading the tweet though, there is a bit of ambiguity. The statements are separate, but regardless, we think its a sign. Of course if they do have scenes, you have to ask yourself, what part does Helen play? Chances are looking better and better that is going to be Kara's adopted mother, Mrs. Danvers.

On the other hand, last night around this time, we made a prediction that Michael Barrett would be Director of Photography. Well we don't know enough about the filming business to know if this equivalent but Michael's name did appear in one of the pictures this morning:

0106 slate

What role do you think Helen Slater is going to play? Any other thoughts? Comments below!

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