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Ah, finally, "For the Girl Who Has Everything"! This episode has been long awaited by many comic book fans and non-comic book fans alike! What would it be like for Kara to be back on Krypton? We were excited to read and remember too that this was going to be the season finale before the season expansion! With that fact alone, its easy to see why this episode was so epic. Here are some other things we thought made the episode epic as well:

  1. Krypton was amazing! For a tv show to have the ability to make a whole planet filled with cities, architecture, transportation, atmosphere, its just incredible. For the comic book fans, they even included Kelex the medical robot. Man of Steel fans might remember Kelex as the robot assistant to Jor-El. Krypton was beautiful!
  2. Melissa playing J'onn J'onnz, playing Hank Henshaw, playing Kara Danvers! What had us over the moon about this one was how well Melissa was able to get David Harewood's mannerisms down as she was playing Hank playing Kara. Hilarious. J'onn wishes for his Martian prison after meeting Cat too. That's saying something. Its interesting to see how Cat is hurt by what Kara did but she knows she can't hold that against Kara. Still she is acting out because in truth, her feelings got hurt.
  3. Alex talking with Alura's Hologram: Chyler Leigh brings out the big guns! Seems like every time someone goes into the hologram room to talk with Alura, we get some epic scenes! It was incredibly heartwarming to see how much Alex truly cares for Kara. In earlier episodes, you get that feeling that Alex and Kara didn't always get along but now that they are older its so easy to see how their relationship is a cornerstone to this show!
    0504 alura
  4. Maxwell Lord negotiating Netflix and Dr. Pepper: This was pretty funny. Very much inline with Max from what we saw in episode 3. You can kind of feel how this episode was originally meant to be a season finale since you've basically got everyone in the episode. Max ultimately being convinced to help through the "enemy of my enemy" line was the icing on the cake for his character.
    0504 max
  5. James standing up to Hank: This was an incredible scene! On one hand you have Kara who is dying on the table and Alex has sacrificed everything to safe her. On the other you have Hank's surrogate daughter, Alex dying on the table and while Hank almost does everything he can to save her, you get James charging in to stop him. It was a powerful scene and really spoke to how the male characters of this show show true strength of character. The love, they support and in the hardest times they let go.
  6. Chyler Leigh's performance on Krypton: This was the feels! Chyler was amazing in that scene. When she mentioned that she couldn't make that choice for Kara and that life was filled with hard choices and not everything would be sunshine and rainbows. It was the promise of life begging to beat out a dream. Really powerful stuff.
  7. The last 15 minutes of the show: Now ususally one of our staffers is writing the recap, one is tweeting, one is on notes blah blah blah. When the last 15 minutes started of this episode ... we all stopped what we were doing. It was captivating and dramatic! It was explosive! So many epic things! We can just list the amazing-ness and we're positive you as fans could write paragraphs on each one! You've got Winn helping the DEO, the look on Kara's face when she escapes the Black Mercy, the total domination of Non as Supergirl fights stronger than ever before, THE FREAKING APPEARANCE OF J'ONN J'ONZZ as the Martian Manhunter fighting Astra toe to toe, Alex killing Astra! WOW. Just WOW, this episode brought it tonight! If that is the kind of storytelling we can expect when the writers think there is a season finale, wait until the actual season finale! Minds will explode!
    0504 faceoff

Honestly, like we stated above, by the last 15 minutes of the episode there wasn't a single thing happening around us that could break our attention. An Earthquake wasn't going to break our gaze from the TV. This was easily the best episode so far and knowing we get 7 more simply elates us! As so many of our fans often sign off on their comments here, we shall do the same, GO SUPERGIRL!

Once you've put the pieces of your mind back together and pulled your jaw up off the floor, feel free to comment if you can on tonight's episode in the comments section below or the forum. No worries if you have to wait, our brains are mush too!

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