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  4. Thursday, 07 June 2018
In case you never heard it before, here's "Mill Valley" by Miss (Rita) Abrams and the Strawberry Point School 3rd Grade Class. She wrote the song for the class' "moving up" ceremony, from the 3rd to 4th grade. This record was on Billboard's national US pop chart in the summer of 1970, peaking at #90. But it was a huge hit in Northern California (where Mill Valley is located), reaching #5 on the Top 30 at KFRC radio in San Francisco.. The video was directed by an up-and-coming filmmaker named Francis Ford Coppola - you may have heard of him! :D
Anyway, I was thinking that this would be great for another "return to Midvale" episode. I mean, the video really captures that small-town California atmosphere! All they would need to do is change the title from "Mill Valley" To "Midvale", and have Melissa play the role of the teacher (and have Ruby join in with the rest of the kids on the chorus) :)
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OK - the writers probably won't do it, so I've started writing my own fan fiction story using this song!
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