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  4. Wednesday, 19 June 2019
Soccer and Fun Come to National City Children

Here's my new Supergirl fan fiction story (#93). In this one, Kara makes a new friend, Alison Pearson: captain of the National City women's soccer (football) team, the Sharks. This is how I envision her:
The story was inspired, of course, by the ongoing Women's Soccer (Football) World Cup tournament.
Hope you like it!
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Here's the real-world team that inspired this story:
My home state's NWSL team
Florida's Orlando Pride in action

Orlando Pride.jpg

No, that's not Alex Morgan, but rather Dani Weatherholt (a midfielder), leading the charge.
Actually California does not have an NWSL team (although they do in my fan fiction universe! :) The two West Coast teams are from Oregon and Washington state.

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Glad you liked the story, guys!

Of course, I will certainly be doing a new "National City Independence Day" Supergirl story, too! In fact, I've starting working on it already :)
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