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  4. Wednesday, 01 January 2020
Superhero Golf.jpg

Here's my new Supergirl fan fiction story (#101), the first one of 2020!
And it's set during the week after New Year's :)
Hope you guys like it...

The Crystal Beach Celebrity Golf Tournament

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Yes, I didn't think of that angle.:)
Kara would know those names from the Golden Age Hollywood movies she watches on the Classic Movie Channel. But if the local National City-based celebrity golf tournament was no longer using one of those names, she might not be aware of the history behind it.
I guess you've noticed that most of my locations are slight variations of the names of places that actually exist in Southern California.
Like this:
Here's Kara back in Midvale in 9th grade, practicing her guitar chords and scales:

Kara practicing guitar.jpg
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Looks like Stew you didn't putter around with this. (Sorry not sorry) You know when I think of celebs and golf, many names come to mind, sadly they are dead, like one of my idols Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, and Sammy Davis Jr, who for many years had a CT golf tourney named for him which takes place in Cromwell, CT; near Hartford. The tournament still exists, but of course without his name. Also for the women, there was Dinah Shore. Wonder how Kara would react seeing those great names of entertainment, whom I remember from the 1980's and such?
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