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  4. Monday, 21 December 2020
Super-Friends Christmas.jpg

Here's my new Supergirl fan fiction story, "A National City Christmas". (It's actually an updating of my "Christmas In Midvale' story I did a few years back.) I hope you like it!¬if_id=1608564122671133¬if_t=feedback_reaction_generic&ref=notif

And here's the version of "I'll Be Home For Christmas" that Kara plays on guitar in this story:

Facebook seems to be acting strangely lately. When you click on the link I provided, it will take you to the photo I posted above. To read the story, you will need to click on the "Edit" button that appears to the upper right of the photo.
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Everyone knows about the Tesla cars, but yes, there really is such a thing as a Tesla coil - I didn't make that up! Here's one in action, putting out millions of volts:

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