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  4. Thursday, 27 June 2019

As promised, here's my new Supergirl fan fiction story (#94), "A National City Independence Day, 2019", one week ahead of July 4th. Hope you like it!
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Thanks, guys! Glad you liked this year's "July 4th in National City story" :D

I''ve started working on another summer-themed Supergirl story today. I'm going to do an update on my previous "National City Balloon Fiesta" stories. There are balloon festivals going on all over the world now, so it's perfectly reasonable that National City would have one in July, too. And of course, Kara would be assigned to write about it for the Tribune. And equally predictably, Lex Luthor would try to take advantage of it for his own nefarious purposes.
Of course, the balloon festival scenario will provide some great opportunities for Super aerial rescue operations!
Like this:
[/attachment] action comics426.jpg
I'll post a link to the new story here as soon as I'm done.
Here's what I'm visualizing in National City's Waterfront Park (actually a stand-in for Miami's Bayfront Park in my story universe):

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