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  4. Monday, 24 April 2023
The 45th Superman Festival in Metropolis, IL will have two Supergirl cast members and one SPECIAL guest star attend the event.

Nicole Maines and Jesse Rath, AKA Dreamer and Brainiac 5 (Brainy) and...SUPERMAN HIMSELF Tyler Hoechlin will be in attendance.

Seems symbolic as this is also the 45th anniversary of Superman: The Movie; the greatest comic book hero movie of all time (IMHO), which TCM aired last night as it celebrates Warner Brothers' 100th anniversary.

More information to follow.
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On Saturday morning, H&I (heroes and Icons network) aired the very first Superman tv show from 1952. George Reeves as Superman. That's was 70 years ago and I thought it was pretty good.;)

July 20,1969: "Oh My God" "The Americans Are On The Moon"
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