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  3. Monday, 16 January 2017
I've watched Supergirl all the way ad I have read all the comic books sooo...
Good News
Love you're acting doesn't really need a lot of work but what do I know about acting. And Supergirl and Lar Gand ?. I'm kind of exited to see what's going to happen there
Ehhh News
Supergirl (the character) seems unrealistic, to all the people that don't know ANYTHING about comics (hint) this would seem a good show but to all the people who do know (like me) they would think it's unrealistic and (I can't be nice there so I won't say anything). I can't explain. Just work on not making her more stronger than Superman but not too weak.
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isnt supergirl considered more powerful in the comics?

straight from the supergirl wikipedia

Many characters in the DC Universe have noted that Supergirl appears at times to be even more powerful than Superman himself; however, as Superman explains, she may appear so because he has spent a lifetime subconsciously suppressing his powers to avoid harming others while Kara, without such experience, recklessly uses her powers to the fullest
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