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  4. Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Just found this lovely little ratings breakdown for Supergirl S2 at that I thought I should pass along. It's a positive article and raises a lot of valid points about how ratings are conducted and their overall impact.

Enjoy the read and post your comments below. ;)
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Quite the breakdown indeed and yes the numbers DO NOT LIE. SG is CW's #2 show behind The Flash. But I do notice this section...

People have to remember that the CW over all doesn’t have the coverage that CBS has, so they in no way can get the rating​ CBS does even on its worst day​.

CW doesn't have the cache of a CBS even though CBS is a 50% owner of the network. Now CW is on VHF stations in the two biggest markets

New York...WPIX 11
Los Angeles...KTLA 5 (which is 70 years old this year...the first TV station west of the Mississippi River to go on, with Bob Hope [one of my idols, who's birthday was yesterday] hosting a live gala)

Both are owned by Tribune, but there have been reports that Sinclair Media, which owns many stations, inlcuding 43 CW ones, some of them are on digital subchannels is interested in buying Tribune. This could lead to some crazy developments.

Also in Chicago there was an affiliate switch as Tribune's WGN-TV 9 went from CW back to an independent station, sending CW to Fox-owned WPWR-50 which shares studios with Fox charter member WFLD 32.

Also CBS has the legacy, dating back TV wise to 1941 when both it and NBC began. ABC began in 1948. Fox began in 1986. And yes I can also mention the WB on WPIX and KTLA starting in 1995 only to dissolve it and United Paramount Network (UPN) and make become The CW. My Network does not count as it's just a programming service for the more third rate stations.

And also the demos. CW trends younger, CBS, NBC and ABC trend slightly older with more disposable income.

over 90 to 95% of their crew was new and never work on the show before, so everything learned while working on season one was out the window and had to be learned over by a new staff for season two…and although they might have wanted to take certain people with them those people might not have been able to go for one reason or another. It is a really big deal to follow a show to a new filming location.

Somehow I think that's the reason why this season was a bit slopshod despite the first two episodes being such fun, not to mention other reasons which I won't get into. But also the renewal worries and the CW last second save threw everything out of joint. But now that things have settled down perhaps they can get down to business.

I am also guessing that unlike last year​ Supergirl’s​ early renewal will ​enable ​the producers to​ schedule out filming better ​in season three ​and do more during season PR with Melissa and the cast.

Well Mel B did appear on Live with Kelly (not Ryan) and Seth Meyers' shows as well as do many web-based interviews and just recently there were the CW upfronts, and the Paley Media Center. Looks like on the agenda next is Comic-Con in San Diego.

Perhaps future appearances might be down the road, like another Jimmy Fallon visit. But come on folks don't make this be just about Melissa; Chyler Leigh has done appearances too and Dave Harewood appeared on the BBC in London.

What will happen when filming goes again a couple of days after the 4th of July? Who knows.
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