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  4. Friday, 19 November 2021
This is a closing the book post on the show with some memories I've been thinking about in the past week since the Finale.

I still remember the September 2014 morning reading that a Supergirl show was in the works and how exciting that was, I had very much enjoyed Superheroine TV shows like Wonder Woman and The Bionic Woman but Supergirl was/is my favourite Superheroine and it was such a nice thought that I could possibly get to enjoy watching her on my TV/Computer screen for hopefully a year or 3 (or 6 as it turned out). I discovered this site I think in about the later part of 2014 and visited almost every day for about 18 months before I got the courage to make a profile and share my love of Supergirl, I'm glad I did join as I've made some good friends, people whom I will never meet as they live thousands of miles away but who I have enjoyed getting to know and have good conversation with.

When it came to the actress who was going to play Supergirl I didn't have any feelings about anyone as I didn't watch a lot of TV Shows, I trusted the casting department would pick the right girl (and we all know how that turned out). When Melissa was announced I didn't know who she was (not being a Glee watcher) but would look forward to what she bought to the character, a might fine job she ended up doing. For me I had a much higher anticipation towards the Supergirl costume and absolutely wanting the red skirt costume to be the one chosen, you can imagine my delight when in early March 2015 those very 1st pictures were released and there it was in all it's glory (and a nice Melissa smile to go with it).

So we came to the Pilot and the 1st season and it pretty much delivered everything I as a fan wanted from a show about Supergirl. The 1 thing I wanted more than anything was to watch Supergirl be Super and it was an amazing feeling that only 10 minutes into the series I got enjoy one of the most awesome saves (the plane). There was plenty more to enjoy throughout the season but I wanted to make a special mention about some of the smaller saves where Supergirl saved the lives of the public (like the Bus Driver in E3 and the school bus full of children in E7) and the other main characters (Cat in E5, Lucy in E6, James in E7, Alex in E9 and Winn in E10), they were genuinely heartwarming moments. Also important to me was Kara's personality and I was definitely happy with the hopeful, optimistic characterisation. Other things that I enjoyed from Season 1 was watching Kara's work life, her home life and a little of her life on Krypton. Added to that was a nice family feel which included Kara's sisterly bond with Alex and I liked when Alex referred to Winn and James as Kara's family in E13. Special shout out to the music of Blake Neely which was top drawer (won't ever forget Harnessing Anger while watching Supergirl unleash Solar Flare on Red Tornado).

Season 2 to 6 don't hold the same amount of memorable moments or enjoyment for me but the things I did really enjoy included Superman in the 1st 2 Season 2 episodes, Kara's story (and Melissa's acting) in early Season 3, Kara and Brainy in S3 E10, Melissa's performance as Red Daughter/Linda Lee in S4 E16 and the Introduction of William in Season 5 who had most of his scenes with Kara.

I have a definitive Top 5 episodes list, the episodes I got the most enjoyment from:

1. How Does She Do It? (S1 E4) - Supergirl at her most Super, awesome flying scenes and a super cool transformation (from Supergirl to Kara).
2. World's Finest (S1 E18) - Supergirl and the The Flash, pure joy.
3. The Adventures of Supergirl (S2 E1) - Supergirl and Superman, a long held dream seeing them together in live-action.
4. Falling (S1 E16) - Melissa best performance of the entire series.
5. Better Angels (S1 E20) - Lifting Fort Rozz, the most amazing moment of the series with music to match.

Thank-you to whomever made the decision to have the 2 previous Supergirls (Helen Slater and Laura Vandervoort) appear on the show, something I very much wanted and I thoroughly enjoyed watching Melissa's scenes with them both.

Something I believe this show has achieved is made Supergirl a very popular character. There's ongoing Comic Books, she's in Animated form (DC Superhero Girls), a 4th live action portrayal (Sasha Calle) is coming, you can play as Supergirl in a video game (Injustice 2), she has a ride named after her at a number of Six Flags Theme Parks, many girls and women cosplay her plus there's whole ton of Supergirl merchandise (my personal favourite is a Supergirl 12" statue,

I'll conclude by saying thank-you very much to Melissa, Izabela and Malina for the many hours of enjoyment you have given me over the past 6 years watching your wonderful portrayal of Kara Zor-El a.k.a Kara Danvers a.k.a. Supergirl.

If you've made it this far thank-you for reading some of my favourite memories (I purposely left out the bad ones) from and about the show, please share some of your own if you would like to.

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