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  4. Monday, 23 July 2018
As we know the movie is going to come out, which looks really exciting. But I think, Shazam is quite a likeable, wholesome character not entirely unlike Supergirl, and probably has great potential to be explored as a TV series, just imagine, this kid having to deal with being a superhero simultaneously.

No chance now, but one can dream
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Shazam may be what kickstarts the WoD and leaves behind the DCEU. It needs to be wholesome and not fall into the trappings of biased political melodrama as seen in Supergirl, which seriously hinders the series from attracting greater viewership. If it doesn’t serve to attract the masses, not just liberal progressives, it’s doomed to fail before it starts. These shows are meant to be for all fans, and that means keeping it fun and not heavy. It’s supposed to be escapism from the world and not a reminder of how ugly politics has become (on both sides... let’s be fair). Shazam looks promising.
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