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  4. Tuesday, 22 May 2018
Here's a song that I'd love to hear on an episode of Supergirl (with Ruby and the rest of the "neighborhood kids" singing along): Razzy Bailey (and the Neighborhood Kids) with "I Hate Hate" on the original Aquarian label. (It was later picked up by MGM records.)
It really encapsulates Kara's message and is probably more appropriate now than it was when it came out in the summer of 1974: Blue-eyed soul with a great message and that perfect "beach party" tempo, it was one of the biggest dance records of the summer all along the Southeastern coastline. I couldn't find it on Billboard's national charts, but here it is at #6 on WERC radio in Birmingham, Alabama:
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OK - I stand corrected! I have been informed that "I Hate Hate" by Razzy (Bailey) did in fact make the national Billboard pop charts in June of 1974, peaking at #67.
I only have the Top 40 charts from the 70s and 80s myself.
Sorry about the error! :)

But in any event, I'm certainly going to incorporate this song into my next Supergirl fan fiction story. It sounds like something that could be an integral part of a school assembly program featuring Supergirl. (In my fan fiction world, Kara does school assemblies quite often and also frequently appears as a participant in charity drives in National City.)
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