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In one of my comments in the News section recently, I mentioned that the way Psi recites nursery rhymes reminds me of Alice in Lewis Carroll's "Alice In Wonderland". That started me thinking, "Hey, why not an episode based on "Alice In Wonderland"?

It could start off with the Supergirl Team pursuing a "White Rabbit" alien who leads them into a wormhole. They fall into in it and emerge on a faraway "Wonderland" planet. The planet has a red or blue sun, too, so Kara loses her superpowers, and the Team has to rely on their wits, not superior power, to get by. Along the journey, they encounter aliens based on Carroll's unique, quirky characters - including the Cheshire Cat, Mad Hatter, March Hare, Caterpillar, Tweedledee and Tweedledum,etc. Of course, the main villain would be the Red Queen, swinging a sword and shouting "Off with her head!" And in the end, Kara & Co. put their heads together and come up with an ultimately successful (and totally unforeseen) plan to make it back to Earth in one piece.
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Just wanted to let you guys know that I've started on my "Kara In Wonderland" story! It's going to be a fun, fanciful outer-space romp in which the Supergirl Team has adventures paralleling those of Lewis Carroll's "Alice In Wonderland"! Winn, Lena, and Dick Malverne will have to "geek out" to figure out a way to get back home to National City, too. "There's no place like home", right? But no, it's not going to be ruby slippers, either! (That's been done already! :)

I'll probably get a link to it posted here by next week....
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