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  4. Saturday, 10 March 2018
Nathan West's band East of Eli played a show in San Francisco on 3/9 and I was able to go. Chyler was there and sang with her husband. There were about 150 people there so I had a great view. Here are some videos I took from right in front of the stage.

Hope, Help and Compassion for all
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Thanks Brierrose, Chyler does seem to be really enjoying herself which is nice to see. Good music also, I particulary enjoyed EoE2. Do Nathan and Chyler play any instruments or just sing?.
Chyler was definitely having fun, she was on stage for about half the show she came on then left then came back at the end. She hung back more that he did, he was at some points sitting right at the edge of the stage and holding hands with us. I already knew I liked the music from hearing it before. Nathan and Chyler both just sang.

I like the part in the EoE3 where he gets on one knee in front of her then she pushed the hair out of his face and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

If you look at the background images they put the bands logo in a Kryptonian shield \e/.
Hope, Help and Compassion for all
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