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  4. Sunday, 26 December 2021
Supergirl Fireworks.jpg

Here's a new version of my "Charge of Dr. Light's Brigade" Supergirl fan fiction story (updated for the "new dynamic" for Kara and her Superfriends) set during the week between Christmas and New Years. Hope you like it!
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For those of you who have access to a well-stocked chemistry lab, here's Susan's formula for the aqua-colored signal flare mixture that defeated Dr. Light in my latest Supergirl story (the formula is given in parts by weight):

Barium nitrate 45 grams
Potassium perchlorate 8 grams
Copper carbonate 4 grams
Chlorinated rubber, fine powder 20 grams
Charcoal, fine powder 4 grams
Sulfur, fine powder 8 grams
Magnesium-aluminum alloy (50/50). fine powder 7 grams
Dextrin 4 grams

I tested this formula myself, and can confirm that it does work very well. And in fact, I've used in my own fireworks displays!
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