Flashbacks in Future Episodes

Entertainment Weekly recently published a round of spoilers for many of the new TV Shows coming this fall. Among them was Supergirl. Now we hardly call this a spoiler but the information does confirm what we've thought for a long time. According to Executive Producer Ali Adler, flashbacks to when Kara just arrived on Earth are coming:

Kara basically already knows what powers she has, though she’s not as adept as her cousin at using them. “We’ll absolutely see some flashbacks of her discovering them, because she was 12 years old when she landed here, and she didn’t have these powers on Krypton,” EP Ali Adler says. “Kara hasn’t used these powers very much or very well. There will definitely be a learning curve at the beginning of the season.

We've felt this was coming for a long time because the production company hired a full time teacher to be on staff while filming is underway. This is essential to having actress Malina Weissman around to do flashback scenes. In other good news, this opens up a great window to having Dean Cain and Helen Slater return.

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