Final Fancast Superman

Voting has been cascading through our site for over a week now and we've weeded down 16 candidates to play Superman (if he appears on the show) down to 2. Its no surprise who our final candidates are. This truly will be a battle between Superman and Clark Kent. In one corner, you have the reigning champ, he is the Man of Steel, the Blue Boyscout, he's played Clark Kent very little but Superman very much, he's never known the pain of kryptonite, he is, Henry Cavill! In the other corner, he was your Kal-El for 10 years, he's only flown twice but made us gasp infinitely more, hes been effected by all types of kryptonite, he's inspirational yet he's never worn the tights, he is Tom Welling! Lets get to voting in this final round! But first, results form the last round!

  1. Henry Cavill 65 votes | Joe Manganiello 26 votes
  2. Tom Welling 60 votes | Matt Bomer 31 votes

0105 bracket

No surprises here, Clark Kent vs. Superman! Comments? Let us know below!

Voting closed. Thank you for participating.

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