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In a recent interview with, Executive Producer, and godfather to the DC TV Universe, Greg Berlanti talked about expectations for Supergirl, the real life villains the show is facing, and that ever looming question, will Supergirl cross-over with Arrow and Flash?

Regarding Supergirl's intense VFX requirements:

You think, ‘Oh, we pulled off Arrow, so we’ll be able to do The Flash‘… and this has turned out to be a lot bigger than Flash. Every one of these shows has had a very steep and unforgiving learning curve. We’ve been incredibly proud and excited by the results and, hopefully, everyone out there will be, too.

Regarding the Not-So-Invulnerable Supergirl:

We’ve shown that [Supergirl] is fighting certain aliens, and she fights Livewire, who has electrical powers. She has enough electricity to stop Supergirl’s heart. On the old series, unless you had a rock of kryptonite, it was pretty much a wipeout for the bad guys — we certainly don’t want that. We always want to feel like our hero is in jeopardy.

Regarding Supergirl's Powers and Abilities:

Our collective gut is that she’s very much at the beginning of her journey. Not just about her powers, but about her backstory and where she comes from. There’s always a bit of mystery around her origins and around what her capacities are.

Finally, in regards to crossing over with Arrow and Flash:

Flash and Arrow [fans] know we have not mentioned the existence of Superman on those shows, and he does exist on [Supergirl]. Storytelling-wise, that would be something we’d have to overcome. We’re just focused on getting this one launched and hope that it enjoys some of the same success… with the same quality and commitment of fans. And if all those things happen, who knows?

Pretty much an echo of what Ali Adler said at NYCC. If you want to see Barry, Oliver and Kara team up, Watch the show then demand the crossover. "In success, anything is possible" ~Ali Adler

We would love to see Flash, Arrow and Supergirl together. There is a good history established there with a friendly rivalry with Flash and Supergirl and a mentorship between Supergirl and Green Arrow. Any way, don't keep us in the dark, shine some light on your opinions in the comments below! Also in the Forum! Only 3 days left to get your photo and well wishes in for the cast and crew! Site events here!

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