Episode 2 Filming Begins!

This is kind of a big deal today! A few months ago, all of us here at and I'm sure all of you reading this were wondering if this day would ever come. It is a direct result of so many things going right where even one aspect going wrong, could have ruined the whole thing. We get to celebrate today because the concept of Supergirl is right, the casting is right, the story is right, the crew and producers are right, the pilot was green lit, the pilot was made well, the pilot was received well, the sales staff sold the concept to advertisers, the network ordered the pilot to series and most of all, you the fans embraced Kara Zor-El and wanted to hear her story. Odds were against seeing a day where a female led superhero series would start full production but that is where we are today! You can kind of tell from the photos the cast and crew are putting out there, this is going to be a fun ride! Check out photos of today's filming below:

We're feeling pretty excited over here! Certainly, we are focusing on the magnitude of what it took to get to this day. Share your feelings with us in the comments section below. Did you think we'd get to see this day? Join the conversation too in our excellent fan forum!

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