Episode 16 Falling Recap

First let us say that we are sorry that this is late. Usually we have a clockwork like system for updating on Monday nights. Sadly, we were stuck in our plane on the tarmac for an additional 2 and a half hours which put us past our deadline. That said, we got to see this episode last night at Paleyfest, (more on Paleyfest coming soon)! We know that it wouldn't do great for ratings, but watching it with 100s of people was exhilarating! The room was completely engaged with all the emotion and powerful scenes this episode had to offer. Here are the scenes that stood out to us:

  1. Kara stops to help out bullied girl: We think you'll all agree with us that this little moment was the perfect kind of scene we like seeing in Supergirl. While we would watch Kara fly around and pull snakes from trees all day, it really is the little stuff that makes this show great. Using her powers to grab the little girl's name to accentuate their "friendship" had us laughing and cheering with glee (no pun intended).
  2. Kara uses her X-Ray vision to see more than she intends: We were genuinely laughing out loud with the 100s of other people at this scene! Winn's reaction to her catching Siobhan and him ... canoodling in the closet was priceless! We know there will be several memes and gifs of that reaction!
  3. Evil Kara gets Siobhan fired: It felt to us that the Red K had a ramp up effect on Kara. She didn't start out right away looking for people to worship her, but instead started "righting" wrongs she had in her own life. The Siobhan take down is going to lead us perfectly into the Flash crossover episode. Kara made a real enemy doing that.
  4. Flicking peanuts at the Bar: Our users Triggy & Kara Zor-El pointed out to us that this was a wonderful homage to Superman III when Kal-El is split into two personas. Crazy to think that a Kryptonian can literally use a nut to murder someone simply by flicking it too hard.
  5. Cat Grant's nano-second of choking up: When Cat denounced Supergirl, she was acting in what was best for the city. Citizens really did need to stay away from her at that point. Its the reason why Batman caries around a sliver of green Kryptonite should Superman go crazy. Cat had no such weapon so the Queen of Media used what she knows best, media. After the message is recorded Cat gives us a nano-second of emotion. You can see she really cares for Supergirl.
  6. Hank reveals himself to the world ... and kicks Kara butt! This was one of those scenes that is becoming more and more common in Supergirl. It has multitudes of meaning and emotion. It fills the viewer with fear, excitement, sadness, and joy. It had everything. The lengths J'onn goes to for Alex and Kara are nothing short of fatherly.
  7. Alex and J'onn in the D.E.O. prison: Yet another incredibly moving moment in this prison room. J'onn has adopted a wink that communicates everything to Alex. He allows himself to be caught because, "[J'onn] would spend a thousand years in a prison if it meant that Alex and Kara were safe". One of the questions we asked Ali Adler on the red carpet at Paleyfest was about her planning and intentions to explore love in the non-TV-typical romantic way. This show is all about family both chosen and inherited. Simply incredible!
  8. Kara and Cat on the rooftop: Early on Kara really had a learning curve to becoming a superhero. There were blunders some bigger than others but for a while now she has been a successful hero. This, however, showed a new side of heroism. Kara had her first true defeat. She lost. Not a fight, or a battle, but an identity. The moment where Kara asks to just sit on the roof with Cat for a while is beautiful. We don't always win and sometimes when we loose so big, we revert back to more simple emotions. Kara looks like young girl that needed protection from the world in that moment and Cat gave her just that. Such an impassioned scene. A hero that failed, but didn't give up.

What did you guys think of tonight's episode? Share your thoughts and favorites with us in the comments below and the forum! Also visit our support page if you can!

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