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Last year (or even further back) you might remember a very well done and cute video in which Oliver Queen welcomed the Flash and took him to a secret fight club area. In the club the villains and heroes all trained and fought against each other to get better. It also was a kind of show-off-your-powers type video. When it came out we remember specifically thinking how cool it would be to see Supergirl in that fight ring and how the other characters would react to her power. Well that dream is now a reality with this fightclub2.0 video debuting today! The video is incredible funny and hypes us for the new seasons of all the superhero shows like no other. Catch it below!

Are you guys just loving this video? How many times have you watched it so far? Let us know in the comments below and the forum. Also if you can, consider supporting us and keep the site advertisement free.

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