Crossover Episode 2 Recap

This is a first for us! Writing recap articles and live tweeting on a Tuesday, ha, totally fun (of course we'll be back at it tomorrow and Thursday too)! There was a lot of news today including the fact that the Dominators would be returning on a future episode of Supergirl! But before we can investigate how and why they'll be showing up on Earth 38, the question remains, how will Barry and his team of Superheroes take on the fleet of Dominators on Earth 1? The answers can be found in tonight's second crossover. Here were the scenes that stood out to us:

  1. Dominators Land: WOW, so we know there is a lot of story to pack into this crossover and they didn't waste time on it at all! The Dominators landed in Central City in the first 5 minutes! Barry got shocked and blown away from the ship! Next thing you know, Dominators come running out!
  2. Gathering the Arrow Crew: In no way does it take away from everything that Green Arrow does and can do, but that scene where Barry was running faster than the bullets and grabbing both Arrow and Spartan was incredible. Just a reminder at how fast Barry is and his incredible gifts!
  3. Calling in the Other Heroes: We knew how Barry and Cisco were going to grab Supergirl but seeing the "A" team from Legends show up in the Waverider's pod was another special effect on par with big budget Hollywood! The Special Effects team does a really good job on all four shows!
  4. Supergirl Kicks Everyone's Butt: We knew it was going to happen, Supergirl is so powerful and we love it like that! It's a great training exercise for the team but it was also a good introduction to her powers. Supergirl had to be taking it easy on them too. There was clearly a point when she was giggling while throwing The Atom to the ground! We didn't want Supergirl to be powered down in the crossover and she clearly wasn't!  Bringing in the BIG GUNS!
  5. Barry and Supergirl: So if you are following the other shows, you know there is a lot going on when Barry says that he might not be trusted as the team's leader in a message from the future, but if not, just the faith Supergirl has in him when she says, "she'll always trust him" was a beautiful Supergirl moment. On top of that, Barry said Kara is just as fast as he is! If that isn't a vote of confidence, we don't know what is!
  6. The President: UMMM, They vaporized the President of the United States! Want to have an epic crossover event and raise the stakes? Yeah, the President gets vaporized so that is a pretty big fricking deal! WOW did not see that coming!
  7. Barry & Arrow vs Team: We might be on Barry and Oliver's side if it were vs White Canary, Spartan, Heat Wave, maybe even Atom; but then add Firestorm, yikes! On top of that, Supergirl? Oh MAN! Love how Flash's lightning blast didn't do anything to Supergirl too. She is so strong! Then, just like a bull, Barry gets Supergirl angry enough to fly through the Dominator's mind control orb!

WOW, this was quite an adventure and it is going to continue tomorrow then again the day after?! Are you kidding, this in an incredible TV event!

What did you think about the second episode of the crossover. Did you like seeing Supergirl with the other heroes? Let us know in the comments below and in the forum! Also, the hero squad is fighting off the Dominators of advertisements but we could use your help, just visit the support page!

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