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Karanites are the biggest Supergirl fans of all but even if you are a casual fan chances are you've seen that the critics are loving Supergirl. It seems like even in the last week a slew of new articles have come out boasting CBS' Supergirl. Here are just some of the accolades we've seen recently:

  1. Washington Post: Hank Stuever (Only A [Grade] this season) This fall’s new shows hold true to that premise: In reviewing 28 new series here as I do each year, I find myself doling out just one A to CBS’s “Supergirl
  2. Tim Surette (Supergirl will have biggest debut of any network) ...Supergirl's brand doesn't fit what Arrow and Daredevil are trying to do, and the potential for mass appeal—something CBS knows a thing or two about—is greater for Supergirl than any other show debuting this fall.
  3. Kate Aurthur (1 of 8 shows to be excited about) If you were hooked on The Flash from the start, I can almost guarantee you will feel the same about Supergirl. (I say “almost” because what if you’re a monster who dislikes female superheroes? You could be!) The newest DC Comics offering from Greg Berlanti, who — along with executive producer Andrew Kreisberg — has expertly adapted Arrow and The Flash on The CW, is to me the second best broadcast network show this season ... there’s no reason to think Supergirl won’t be a blast.

Finally, Supergirl is already making a real world difference. In Portland Oregon, Supergirl helped sponsor the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. While Melissa herself wasn't able to be there, this life-size cutout did make an impact.

0273 raceforthecure

Those are some pretty impressive accolades for Supergirl. If you are someone who needs that extra push to commit to a show, well these critics are looking to give just that. What did you think of what the critics had to say? Does this add more fuel to your excitement? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below or in the fan forum!

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