Chyler Leigh on Hollywood Today

Sometimes it's just the best to see the actors who play our favorite characters outside of their roles. Chyler Leigh has been one of Supergirl's shinning stars and this season, her character has gone on a journey of self discovery that has delighted fans. Hollywood Today sat down with Chyler to talk about the reception she's gotten for her role, meeting her husband, and singing on an album. Also included is a sneak peek at next week's episode! Check it out below:

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#3 Time for a little six degrees of separationRobertAnthony 2017-02-23 14:50
I saw the interview and well on these Hollywood shows you are not expecting Charlie Rose or Tucker Carlson to interview. of the guys interviewing Chyler was Matt Iseman, who is the co-host of American Ninja Warrior. Last season one of their breakout athletes was Jessie Graff, who is a stuntwoman on Supergirl. Shocked that this didn't come up.

Chyler mentioned her son who likes "other things" well that's because he has Autism. Now I am feeling a deeper connection with Chy Chy because as I have said a few times I too have Autism. But, I think Chyler is lucky to know about this at her son's earliest ages I assume. I did not know about autism till I was 21 years old.

And as to the proposal made by her now hubby Nathan, I have seen it a couple of times. And yeah, Chyler is a near match for Kara Danvers. No wonder the showrunners picked her for Alex.
#2 RE: Chyler Leigh on Hollywood TodayRomulus 2017-02-23 14:39
It was a nice, more-or-less light interview. Fun to watch. Thanks for posting. :-)
+2 #1 RE: Chyler Leigh on Hollywood TodayKAL 2017-02-23 13:20
When he gives the ring to chyler, she looks a lot like Kara with the lenses !!!

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