Childish Things Recap

Its the episode we've waited 14 days for but in other ways its the episode we've been waiting for since Supergirl started! Episode 10 marks the end of the first half of the Sueprgirl season and it's one where Winn takes center stage. Just like all episodes of Supergirl, there were plenty of moments that stood out! Here's what made the list for us:

  1. Supegirl and J'onn J'onzz flying during the opening scenes was so cute! You've got Kara giggling in Martian Manhunter's hear as they sore through the sky! Very sweet and also, pretty cool to see the full J'onn J'onzz in action and not in his Hank Henshaw disguise.
  2. The episode jumps into action right away with the news that Schott Sr. has escaped from prison! They way Winn Jr. reacts already had us thinking this is going to be big. They way he describes the bomb in the teddy bear just seems so terrifying. Something so sweet made so deadly. This duality made the villain of Toyman so much more interesting!
  3. The sadness that is the Martian Manhunter being stranded on Earth and having lost everything is so perfect. It parallels Supergirl's story but adds the element of not looking like a human. Being hunted for 50 years on Earth and having only a handful of people that you can trust when you aren't pretending to be human is just so sad. Makes us wish for the best for J'onn.
  4. Straight up, the scene where Kara lays it out for Winn that he is an anchor for her while he doesn't think he even makes a difference in her life. Very touching between the two.
    0475 clip
  5. Winn kisses Kara! Tons of emotion there! We were screaming at the TV when it happened! It was sad, it was true affection and it was awkward as hell! Jeremy Jordan reacted on Twitter when it happened too!
    0475 clip2
  6. Supergirl creates a wall of ice with the sprinklers and freeze breath to protect the convention goers from the explosions in the teddy bears. They are doing such a great job with Supergirl's powers! They are so creative! That, added with the special effects, we are seeing things we haven't even seen in the comics!
  7. Winn sharing his feelings with Kara! WOW, Winn is doing exactly what he needed to do to get his feelings out there and take a chance. Kara, however, doesn't even give him the chance to see if she reciprocates. Its just shut down from the beginning. Its a good moment for Winn, he needed to do it but it does put Kara in a really tough position!
  8. There are so many good relationships in this show and one of the anchor relationships is the Danvers sisters. Their tv night and pizza is always so cute and puts such a human touch to the show. However, tonight, they hosted an unknown guest. Maxwell Lord bugs Alex's purse to see her true relationship with Supergirl! WOW dastardly!
    0475 clip3

Well that's it from us for this episode! We are always dying to hear your thoughts on it too!

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