CBS Would've Taken Supergirl

A lot of folks are talking about Supergirl's move to The CW as a lifeboat for the show. This is totally false. We are offically learning today (whch we've felt all along) that Supergirl was never in danger of being cancelled. is reporting that the talks to move Supergirl to The CW, had been going on for months. Because Les Mooves has control of the two networks and they have such a profitable and positive relationship with WB all parties worked together to find out the best solution for Supergirl.

It’s a win-win since we co-own the CW, we worked out great deal. And who would say we wouldn’t have picked it up had it not gone to the CW. ~ CBS Entertainment president Glenn Geller

The plan to move the show to The CW ended up being on purpose because the show can be made with its related shows in Vancouver, and for less money. That said, CBS never was disappointed with the show. So in the end, its not that CW is the lifeboat, its that many parties were interested in the show and its success but The CW was determined to be the best home for the show.

There is always an element of reveal after a deal is done. This kind of info is the behind the curtain kind of story that is so fun to learn. Sounds like Supergirl was always the belle of the ball, and CW is not "saving the show". What do you think of this new information? Does it raise your excitement about Supergirl even more so? Let us know in the comments below and in the forum! Also help us keep advertisement free and visit the support page!

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