Calista Flockhart is Cat Grant

TV line is reporting that Calista Flockhart is Cat Grant! Whoa, awesome news to get your work week started off right! We haven't seen any auditions for Cat Grant so this news is no surprise. Of course they were looking for someone with an established career. Remember the character description for Cat:

CAT GRANT: The project is eyeing females in their 40s, open ethnicity, to play the founder of CatCo, a media conglomerate that Cat built from the ground up. Kara (Supergirl’s mild-mannered alter ego) will work as a personal assistant to Cat, who is described as “J.Lo by way of Anna Wintour.”

We think Calista will fit that part perfectly! Also, we loved this line from "Kara serves as Cat Grant’s personal assistant and it’s not an easy job. Being an assistant to a super-villain might be easier."

0084 catgrant

Well now we have 4 members of the cast! What do you think? Is this sounding like a Super show already!? Or are your nightmares becoming real? Tell us below in the comments section!

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