Blood Bonds Ratings Soar!

Welcome back Supergirl! Whether it was that people really missed Supergirl over the last three weeks, that there wasn't Gotham to view against or simply that people are waking up to how good this show is, Supergirl hit amazing ratings last night! First of all, thanks goes to all you fans that were tweeting with us, we got #Supergirl trending again! Social media presence on this show is powerful! That said, ratings are where the cake is and according to, Supergirl knocked it out of the park to the tune of mimicking its week two performance! That means 8.8 million people watched live scoring a 1.8 in the key demo.  That's a 20% lift over last episode! If Supergirl needed to come out strong in 2016, it certainly did! Performances like this are going to demand CBS bring us a second season!

We've been hearing your thoughts on last nights episode in the previous post (keep them coming) but we'd also love to hear what you think about the powerful perfomance in the ratings last night too! Comments are below, forum is a ... ready for you to comment in!

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