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It's a day we never thought we would see come to pass. We've wanted to see a Supergirl show ever since we found out about the character in Adventures of Superman animated show on The WB. With a cousin like Kal-El the likelihood of seeing a Supergirl show seemed small since the big guy can cast such a huge shadow. But a group of folks, Ali Adler, Greg Berlanti, Sarah Schechter, and Andrew Kreisberg decided that the story worth telling wasn't Kal-El but Kara Zor-El's. And its been quite the story indeed! Being able to sit here and enjoy the season finale of a live action Supergirl show is an incredible day for us at, the actors, producers, writers, and crew, and for all of you the fans! In our hearts, we know there is more to come but today we are celebrating the fact that a full season of Supergirl came to pass. As for what happened in this finale episode, here's what stood out to us:

  1. Kara vs Alex: First thing right off the bat, we get the fight that we had the sneak peek of. Much more action though this time! We can't believe how fast Alex was able kick Kara's butt with the Kryptonite suit. Given Kara didn't want to hurt Alex but dang Alex can fight! Incredible fight scene!
  2. Supergirl's Plea to the City: Much like Morgan Freeman who delivers the final speech in Shawshank Redemption, Kara speaks about hope. "[She] hopes this message will get to you". "Hope" had to be the name of this speech. Just seeing the \S/ sign on the cell phone was enough to get us giddy with excitement. Really a great performance, as usual, by Melissa Benoist!
  3. Return of the D.E.O.: A lot was happening here in these quick scenes. Lucy faced her father who now appeared since Myriad was over, Alex told her mom that Jeremiah was still alive and we saw Superman's boots! WOW. We were kind of taken-a-back at the fast return to normal right after the first commercial break. But with Non and Indigo still out there, there is a lot of story telling to do and little time to do it in.
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  4. Max caring for Kara: We liked how Kara was able to even change and win over Max Lord too. It was a nice cap to the season in that Kara was able to even inspire Max to see the hope and love that Supergirl brings.
  5. Kara kind of says goodbye to everyone: Kara spoke to Winn like it was the last time she was going to talk to him and then she walks into Cat's office and does the same. Heartwarming and worrisome at this point in the episode. Then Kara goes to say goodbye to James and walks out on him too. Gosh all the feels in this episode!
  6. Kara speaks to J'onn: This had us in tears. The musical score in this scene was so moving. On top of that you have Kara saying how she wasn't sent to Earth to fall in love with a human, have babies and live in a house with a white picket fence. That was so sad but true. Sometimes the best people, like Kara, can't have the simplest of pleasures. The moment was sealed with a kiss on J'onn's head. That was the icing on the cake!
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  7. Supergirl and Martian Manhunter vs Non and Indigo: This was the best fight scene in the whole show so far. Martian Manhunter and Supergirl team up for an epic super-powered fight. The speed, the viciousness, and the energy, Incredible! J'onn breaks Indigo in half! That part was freaking epic! Then you have Kara using all the willpower in the universe to burn out Non's eyes. SHE BURNED OUT HIS EYES! Amazing sign of power from Supergirl. Loved seeing this fight.
  8. Alex and Kara's Goodbye: You could see between these two, the true friendship the actors share with each other. The way they were both showing that emotion was incredible. Very moving.
  9. Kara lifts the Fort R'ozz into space!: That was jaw-dropping. The season starts with Kara lifting a plane saving Alex. It ends with Kara lifting Fort R'ozz, the key source of all the turmoil in Kara's Supergirl life, and throwing it into space. The two extremes are a perfect example of how much Supergirl has grown.
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  10. The happy ending: We loved what Kara got and how all the wrongs were righted.

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