Better Angels Preview

Ok ... WOW. This is the best preview for Supergirl we have ever seen! It looks freaking incredible! There can't be a single DC comics fan out there that sees this preview and isn't freaking chomping at the bit to see this season one finale! The music is incredible, the action is intense and the final fight between Non and Kara, well let's just say we've only seen her use her heat vision to that extent one other time and that robot exploded! This really does feel like a two-part two-hour finale and this week's waiting is going to be incredibly difficult! Just remember, you've got here to help you through the hard times.

By the way, if you are looking for the song from the preview and want to listen to it while you rock out at work all week, you can listen to it right here. It's a song by Natasha Blume called Journey (Ready To Fly)

Do we need to say anything? That preview really put the stamp on awesome! Comments are open below, forum is a go. Consider supporting by visiting our support page and if you haven't heard already, we are giving away a Sideshow Collectables Supergirl Premium Format Figure and all you have to do to enter is go here!

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