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Best of the Best continues! We are learning a lot about what you, the fans, feel are the best parts about Supergirl (the show). We know it isn't an easy task when you can only pick one thing because the show has tons of amazing aspects to it. But the Best of the Best isn't made to be easy, we really want to iron out what the majority of fans find to be the best. Here's what we know so far:

  Winner Runner Up Third Place
Best Episode: Falling Worlds Finest Better Angels
Best Villain: Red K Supergirl Maxwell Lord Astra
Best Relationship: Kara & Cat Kara & Alex Kara & James
Best Scene: Alex Confesses to Kara About Astra Kara Vaporizes Red Tornado Cat Hugs Kara

Now, possibly the hardest poll so far, we want to know who is the best supporting character on the show? This is basically anyone that isn't Kara and has been on the show for more than two episodes. Lets vote!

Poll Reset Successful. Should be good to vote now:

Voting closed. Thank you for participating.

As usual, the Admins can be a little spacey, did we miss someone you think should be on here? Let us know and plead your case for your fellow fans to vote along with you in the comments below and the forum. Also, please visit the support page and help us keep this site going. We make it ad free for you guys because we want to talk about Supergirl and not try and sell stuff. By fans, for fans! El May Arah

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