Ahimsa Sneak Peek

We are just over a day away from an all new episode of Supergirl and there is much to look forward to. Our first chance to see the new Supergirl suit in action is nearly here, but the subject of this first sneak peek, of episode four season four, is Manchester Black making his debut. From the looks of it, he breaks into J'onn's apartment looking to ask questions about his missing fiance. J'onn, just getting back from dealing with Kara's illness, is not happy about dealing with a potential robber. Check out the exchange between the two in the sneak peek below:

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+1 #2 RE: Ahimsa Sneak Peekjacksc01 2018-11-04 01:56
Love it!! Manchester Black is a very cool character but then so is J'onn. I love the way J'onn stated that he got called away on a family emergency - I just think it is great the way J'onn thinks of Kara and Alex as his daughters. I also like the way that J'onn said "Man, you picked the wrong house." and "Today is not the day to push me."
#1 RE: Ahimsa Sneak PeekRomulus 2018-11-03 18:03
Very nice! Looking forward to this meet-up. Sunday evening isn't too far away now. ;-)

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