Adventures of Supergirl Ch. 2

Nothing gets us more excited for Supergirl than Monday mornings. This monday, however, is even more enhanced due to chapter 2 of Adventures of Supergirl! We had our chance to read the issue and were astounded! Short answer, just like the show, it gets better with each chapter. Long answer, well that's our review which you can read below, but warning, if you haven't read chapter 1 or chapter 2 there are spoilers ahead!

Last issue we were left with a cliff hanger. Alex and her helicopter were going down after Rampage threw Supergirl through it! The opening covers how Kara thinks to use her powers to catch the helicopter. This is a key reason why Sterling Gates' words are just so perfect for this companion book. You get to hear how Kara starts to calculate the fall. More so, she isn't thinking in terms of Earth's knowledge of physics but actually her elementary school's teachings from Krypton. It's this attention to detail that adds such richness to the story. Readers can really feel like they are gaining more in their Supergirl experience, much more than if they didn't read the story.

0502 aos

Another element which reflects so well in the comic is the relationship between Kara and Alex. While this is taking place earlier than where we are in the show, its still clear that Gates' is working in the elements that Ali Adler, Sarah Schechter, and Andrew Kreisberg hold dear, the Alex and Kara relationship.

0502 aos2

Just like the first comic, Bengal's art shines through beautifully. He captures the essence of each character and reflects the brightness of the show. Obviously the comic is a comic and is drawn which doesn't look like the live action show, but upon looking at the first page, you are already drawn into the world that Bengal has created and you feel like you are back in the show.

0502 aos3

Another stand out piece from Bengal is his use of effects. The xray vision is clear, its crisp and you easily know what Kara is doing. These tiny departures from what the show does are great! As we mentioned before, because the book is drawn, there is no special effects budget. We are only bound by our creators imagination and Gates and Bengal are giving us plenty.

All in all, this chapter was even better than the first. It didn't carry the burden of introducing the characters to those that haven't seen the show yet. Those extra pages allowed for more story. We felt even more satisfied than before and yet still hungry for chapter 3!

Have you had a chance to read chapter 2 of Adventures of Supergirl? We'd love to hear what you think of this new chapter in the comments below as well as the forum!

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