5 Must-Haves for Success

We've talked to you the fans, we've crunched the numbers in the office, and we've done the research. Here are the top 5 things that are necessary to see 'Supergirl' soar:

  1. Don't Ignore Superman: We asked the question, could this show exist where Superman doesn't?  After examining it further, and reading the polls, you just can't ignore Superman.  He is an integral part of Supergirl's origin. Its like having Batgirl or Robin without Batman. Superman should be a presence in the show... but not a scapegoat nor a focal point.  CBS will need to walk a fine line between having Kal-El in the show, but letting Supergirl shine on her own.
  2. Supergirl's Costume Needs to be Alluring yet Appropriate: Much of the staff here love the Michael Turner blue skirt mid-drift uniform.  Will that work on TV though?  Probably not.  As we mentioned earlier, Colleen Atwood is designing Kara's costume.  The costume needs to be purposeful.  The Flash costume, which Colleen did, fits perfectly with the characters cannon, covers the purposeful aspect, and still looks sharp!  This is exactly what we are looking for when it comes to Kara.
  3. Kara's Power's Need to Evolve and be Tested: According to what we know of the plot. Kara's been on the planet for at least 12 years.  So she can't be a stranger to her powers but they have been repressed.  Kara needs to learn how to push herself.  Let her be 'lift-a-Volkswagon' strong, then as she gains better control of her abilities, 'lift-a-building' strong, and finally 'lift-a-planet' strong.  As more and more enemies challenge Kara to different types of peril, she'll need to push herself more and more.
  4. An Element of Romance Needs to be There, but not Rule the Plot: Smallville was sometimes too heavy on the Clark and Lana romance.  This isn't something that needs to be repeated in Supergirl.  Even The Flash is a little too focused on the Iris romance.  Kara needs to be independent, and gain her support from her family.  Fun little hints at romance will work and possibly a boyfriend or two as the season goes on, but this show can't be about romantic relationships, it must be about the strength and character of Supergirl.
  5. Good Balance Between Hero Time and Civilian Life: Some of the most fun scenes from The Flash, Smallville, and Arrow are when the heroes use their powers in silly unassuming ways.  Example, like when Barry decorated and undecorated the Christmas Tree, or in Superman II when Clark get into a bar fight with his powers.  Kara needs to have a work life, family life, and hero life.  An appropriate balance of all three of these lives. It will attract the most audience and keep everyone interested on multiple fronts.

This is what is necessary to make 'Supergirl' successful, but we want to hear from you, do you agree?  Do you disagree?  Comment below.

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