5 Films Under Supergirl's Budget

Quite a few sources [,, and more] have reported the cost of the Supergirl pilot was $14 million! That is an incredible commitment from CBS. To put that into perspective, the average cost of a Game of Thrones episode is $6 million. CBS is really giving Supergirl all the tools necessary to make the show a hit. On top of Game of Thrones, here are 5 incredible Hollywood movie hits that cost less than the first episode of Supergirl [source]:

  1. Paranormal Activity: Had a budget of just $15,000 and grossed over $190 million!
  2. Clerks: Whole film completed with only $27,575 and turned $3 million!
  3. Mad Max: The first movie in the now quadrilogy of Mad Max films only cost $400,000 and went to make over $100 million worldwide!
  4. Juno: After $7.5 million Juno was complete and went on to earn over $231 at the box office!
  5. Star Wars: Yes that Star Wars! In 1977 George Lucas arguably started the most successful sci franchise ever made with just $11 million. It earned $460 million at the box office or adjusted for inflation, $1.6 billion!

After seeing a list like this, our expectations for Supergirl are sky high. Talk about really committing to the vision of a show! Impressive CBS, and clearly that explains why CW never had the budget for Supergirl.

Rumor time:

We report on rumors very sparingly but one of our sources gathered a whisper that Supergirl would land at 9pm on Monday nights. If that is true it would give Supergirl limited interference with NFL football and show how much the network is banking on its success as Monday nights are usually a big draw for advertisement revenue. Take this one with a grain of salt folks, but worry not, we will know for sure Wednesday May 13th!

 It sounds impossible to think now-a-days but Star Wars cost more than the pilot for Supergirl! WOW, that is so cool! Share your comments with us or hit up our forum filled with the coolest Supergirl fans on this planet!

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