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Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, come one come all to see the brand new! We've spent the last month looking at how people use the site and where improvements could be made. Our designer spent a good long time trying to create a new site for you guys that looks and feels more like the show. We have completely rebranded ourselves to reflect the show better as well. Our hope is you will enjoy this new look and feel while experiencing better and faster load times while still feeling like everything is still in its proper place.

While the next few days pass we will be making minor edits to clear any bugs we run into but it would be a great help if you see something that isn't working right to let us know via the contact page.

There is a new addition as well, we have added a Support page. This page is for our users who want to help keep the site advertisement free. Since our debut, we've never run advertisements on this site and we plan to never do so! Still there are costs involved to running this site so if you feel so inclined, please check out that page.

Other than that please enjoy, spread the word, is new and improved!

It would be a great deal if we could hear your feedback on the new site. Just add comments below as you always have done. Thank you very much and don't miss the new forum skins as well!

Eric Johnston
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Eric is the primary author for He has been covering the Supergirl show since 2014, but been a fan for decades. "Hope, Help, and Compassion for All, El May Arah!"

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