We Aren't Losing Cat Grant

Just about all the worry and doubt surrounding Supergirl has lifted. Your average fan has begun to return to speculation and normal fandom activities. That said, there is a group of us that are lingering on that last bit of uncertainty regarding Calista Flockhart's Cat Grant., is saying that fans can rest their weary minds, there will be more Cat Grant in season 2:

You may lose her for an episode or two (or three… since there’s no way Calista Flockart will be moving to Canada full-time), but I highly doubt you’ll lose her completely. CW prez Mark Pedowitz confirmed that Flockhart 'wants to continue with the show.' Now all sides just need to figure out the scheduling.

Cat will be in the show no matter what. If there are a few episodes where she isn't there that is ok with us as long as she returns. Its a great sacrifice on her part to continue doing the show when she has a family in LA. True for the entire cast. Ultimately CW knows Cat is essential and this really doesn't sound like an issue of money or celebrity, its just family. To that end we are pleased Calista is continuing on the show!

What do you think? Calista is returning and that is great news. Sounds like just about everything for Supergirl is settling nicely with a bow on it. Share your thoughts in the comments below and in the forum. Also, consider visiting our support page and keep advertisement free!

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