WB's Heroic Watertower

Last night some mysterious tweets started appearing all over twitter featuring the Supergirl hashtag. A secret room in the Warner Brothers lot started to undergo a transformation. Soon, a hidden speakeasy was created, however this speakeasy wasn't just any old-timer bar. No, this was a secret party for Superheros. Guests were secretly invited by a special envelope and coin. The coin was necessary to get in the door but once you were there ... Superhero magic! The night culminated in the iconic Warner Brothers Watertower being decorated for the first time since its inception! Check out the gallery of the night and the big reveal videos below:

Goodness what we would have given to get one of those coins! What a cool event! That is the kind of thing that makes these shows feel more than just weekly television. Its clear that the cast and crew and CBS/Warner Brothers staff are just having a blast making TV that matters.

What did you think of the secret speak easy? Wasn't that an amazing idea/party? Let us hear your thoughts in the comments below and in the forum. Also, we are just days away from the deadline to get your photo of yourself in your Supergirl clothes in to us for our gallery to the cast and crew.

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