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A show of this magnitude has tons and tons of things going on. The writers are writing the show, doing interviews, on set producing and confirming thier stories. The cast goes on talk shows, does promotional videos, maybe even live tweets an episode here and there. Frankly, there seems to be an infinite amount of extra content for Supergirl so its easy to miss a true gem when it comes along. One such gem is podcast unSCRIPTED hosted by Kevin Fukunaga. Kevin had occasion recently to sit down with writer/producer of Supergirl, Ted Sullivan, and talk about the new TV adventures of the Girl of Steel.

There were so many great things about this interview. First of all, we are so pumped about this because Ted knows his stuff! You can't have an interview of this magnitude if you aren't knowledgeable about your craft and energized by what you do.

Ted tells the story of how he got the job of being a writer on Supergirl:

I may have been the last hire if not the last hire close to the last hire. It was hard to get in the door, this was a show that had a lot of hype and excitement about it and so a lot of people were pursuing it. So it took, I think, a long time for my reps to get a toe hold and figure out how to get me through that door ... I didn't really think there was any chance to get on this show I was really excited to get an interview, I did stuff behind the scenes with my friends who had done work with Greg and Andrew and Ally ... you really need to do that leg work ahead of time before you go in, who can say the guy you are going to be meeting with is not a jerk.

Ted goes on to speculate how he got the job:

Maybe my enthusiasm, if you have legitimate enthusiasm don't be afraid to show it. I think that its important to be enthusiastic in a legitimate way. When you try and fake enthusiasm [it comes across terrible]. I walked in and said, 'I actually love this, whether you hire me or not, I don't care, just know that I will be watching and I'm so excited that this exists. And I think that carried some weight. I know it would carry some weight with me if someone had said that about something I had done. And I think they were proud of what they had done.

There is a lot more with Ted on this hour long podcast and we hope you all get a chance to listen to it. You can find the full episode, free, right here. But before we wrap this up we wanted to take special note of how Ted's genuine excitement about working on Supergirl shines throughout the interview. It seems like that is true for a lot, if not all the cast and crew on the show. There seems to be something really special happening on the Warner Brothers lot. Ratings, ad sales, corporate intervention aside, there is some legitimate passionate story telling going on by people who are very energized by what they do.

There is a portion in the interview where its mentioned that sometimes you just want to contribute in anyway you can when you see a project of this caliber start to develop. That, folks, is the very reason for this website. Something over a year ago sparked inside the team and we knew this show was going to be something special. We aren't writers, actors, directors, artists, or even engineers that could legitimately help produce this show, so we turned to the thing we can do, websites. We aren't the only ones either, you have our partners and podcasters, SupergirlTVTalk (The number 1 rated Supergirl podcast on iTunes!) you have SupergirlWiki, who is the very definition of keeping a precise chronicle of this show, and you have the facebook and other social media communities that helped get us to over 35,000 facebook followers. To paraphrase James, "I see a world full of people who want to believe in a positive hero again. If anyone can fill Christopher Reeve's boots, its Melissa Benoist and this cast and crew"

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