Toyman Origin Revealed

Well on a football heavy Sunday, slips in this spoiler in their "Matt's Inside Line" segment. Please be aware, reading further may result in a spoiler regarding the villain Toyman. POSSIBLE SPOILER WARNING: TVline is reporting:

As hinted at New York Comic-Con, the CBS series is casting Winslow Schott Sr. aka the deranged and violent Toyman. Freshly escaped from prison, Toyman seeks revenge on the man who cost him his job – after seeking some much-needed quality time up with son Winn aka Kara’s CatCo colleague. Toyman debuts in Episode 10, which is also casting Saffron Belle, the FBI agent hot on Toyman’s trail.

Well there you have it, fans of Winn, it sounds like you can rest easy as he won't be the Toyman, at least right away. There is already a Toyman looking to cause trouble!

Many felt that was the way the Toyman was going to go. Did you think that way too? Let us know your thoughts in the comments and the forum. Don't forget all our site events going on too!

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