Tobey Mystery Solved: Joins Cast

Here's yet another exclusive! Today we are proud to report that our investigations into the mysterious character Tobey have been solved. He's been cast and shot scenes for the pilot! Tobey, if you remember way back, first appeared on our radar when a rogue audition video featuring Joel Michaely appeared on the net. Joel read lines that clearly were from the show but had not been matched to any character or other audition tape. Well it turns out he was indeed reading for the part of Tobey. From the audition tape dialogue, Tobey looks to be some kind of business assistant to Cat Grant. Head on over to the spoliers page to read his dialogue from the audition scenes he performed.

So who actually is Tobey? Let us be the first to confirm that Ben Begley [pictured left], of Hungover Games fame, has taken the role of Tobey. We don't know much more about his role but chances are he might be on more than just one episode!

Yahoo! Another exclusive! We are particularly proud of this one, Tobey has been a character uniquely on our radar only. To hear that he has actually been cast is a big confirmation that our sources are strong and accurate! So spread the word, you heard it here first! is your first source for Supergirl news! As usual, let us know your thoughts on this recent casting news! Hit up our forum too and share your thoughts with our amazing fan base!

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