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There has been a trend that many people believe in when it comes to Supergirl. It's that each episode of Supergirl is better than the previous. 'Red Faced' held up to that pattern in our minds and on whole the episode was great, but there was one scene that everyone is talking about. Its the moment when Kara let go of all her anger, the death of her planet, the eradication of her race, the chance at having a normal Kryptonian life, and poured it into her heat vision blast that literally blew up Red Tornado's android body. CBS has released this scene for fans to view again and again (see below). We are even seeing articles stating how this scene alone rocketed Supergirl into the legitimate superhero show we all know it to be. wrote about how 'Red Faced' was the best Supergirl episode yet and with strong ratings, Supergirl is here to stay. Basically, this one scene has made people feel like Supergirl is movie-level quality delivered weekly for all of us to enjoy!

Share you thoughts and feelings when you saw Kara pour her rage out! How amazing was Melissa Benoist's performance? What about the decision to make the scene quiet with an emotional overtone and score rather than some overly loud screaming? We think everything was perfect about this scene. Let us know what you think too below and the forum!

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