Superman Joins Supergirl Cast

While everyone is talking ratings this and numbers that, Greg Berlanti and Company step up big and share a major news tidbit to shut everyone up! Supergirl is looking to cast the Man of Steel himself, Superman! But according to this iteration of Kal-El will be a 13 year old boy. No tights and cape this time. Little Kal-El is set to make his debut in episode 13 via a string of flashbacks that will establish the cherished bond between him and Kara.

WOW! Talk about powerful! Kal-El as a 13 year old boy ... how do Kara and him crossover? Shouldn't he be on Earth at 13 and Kara trapped in the Phantom Zone? Karanites, time for your speculation hats. Secondly, you don't bring in the big guy, in any iteration or age if you don't have plans for a long term story! It sounds like the crew at the Supergirl offices are planning for the long term! Let's take it from their perseverance, Supergirl is strong and moving forward!

Well, well, well, what the heck do you think of that! We are loving this news. Supergirl and Superman's relationship is one that should be rich and full of great stories to explore! Share your thoughts with us in the comments below as well as the forum!

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