Supergirl Sure Bet for Renewal

There has been a lot of talk on the internet about Supergirl's ratings. People are concerned about our favorite show, will it be renewed? What do these ratings things mean. Well to quote Cat Grant, "Calm the Hell Down!". Its ok folks. Supergirl's incredible premiere numbers were out of this world. Maintaining those numbers would be impossible. Supergirl is settling into its own time slot and gathering it's weekly viewers. Supergirl has posted two nights with over 8 million viewers. Thats without the Big Bang lead in! On top of that, Supergirl averages more viewers than any two DC comics shows. Put Gotham and Flash together, or Arrow and Flash, or Gotham and Arrow, doesn't matter Supergirl wins on her own.

To further the excitement, a recent article from By The Numbers - Zap 2 It has Supergirl as their number one show to be renewed by May 2016. The only higher show on the spectrum was Big Bang Theory which already has renewal.

On top of that, lets look over the water! According to Digital, The UK's Sky 1 network has the highest new series launch in three years with Supergirl! That's better than Flash and Arrow as well!

With Supergirl being such a positive show, its understandable that us fans get worried easily if the numbers aren't "Super". But rather than discussing the what if's or pressing the panic button, lets fill the internet with how much we love this show. Keep the comments positive and not worrisome. Trust us, as soon as Supergirl is in real peril of being cancelled, not pick up for season 2 or no back 9, we will tell you! And we will be the first on the picket line to demand that CBS renew the show, but for now, "Calm the Hell Down"! Melissa, Mehcad, Chyler, David, Jeremy, Ali, Greg, Andrew, and Sarah have got this! Just keep watching live, on demand, and streaming! "El Ma Arah" users, because we are a fan site we don't really have trolls so please consider this a safe place, feel free to share your concerns or worries with us in the comments below but like we said above, we've seen no indication to panic. Forum is open too!

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