Supergirl Suit Origin is at it again. This time they are flexing their inside Hollywood connections to the max as they were able to grab some time with the ever talented and beautiful Laura Benanti. In their article, Laura revealed her character Alura has some powerful influence on the Supergirl costume. She also hints that there are three ways she appears on the pilot, confirming scenes on Krypton, and Hologram, but the final way she appears on show ... a mystery still:

Nashville‘s Laura Benanti, who plays Kara’s Krypton mom Alura Zor-El, acknowledges that she can’t spill the superbeans, but offers this tantalizing bit: “You’ll see me in flashbacks, you’ll see me in hologram and then you’ll see me in one other capacity, which I can’t tell you [about] — but it is the thing that makes me the most excited and is why I wanted to do the show.” BONUS SPOILER: Benanti adds that Kara’s Supergirl outfit is based on the long, blue gown Alura wears in the trailer. “I have the same belt that she has and the S — which is our family crest, it actually doesn’t stand for ‘super’ — in the top,” she says, laughing. “It’s very ‘hot Yoda.'

After hearing this we had to go back and re-watch the trailer for a millionth time. Alura's blue dress is very pretty and she does wear the family coat of arms. So exciting! Also, what could she mean by showing up in a third capacity?

What do you think the third capacity that Alura appears on the show is? Goodness our minds are racing! Let us know your theories in the comments below, or hit up the best fan forum in the galaxy!

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