Supergirl stays with CBS?

There are rumors swirling around Supergirl. Before we get into the news about it and break it all down, let us point out that this is all probably by design. Continuing the rumor engine is a perfect way to keep the conversation about Supergirl going while the season has finished.

First we believe we have found the source of all the new rumors that Supergirl may move to CW. It stems from an interview Tom Cavanagh gave to Hollywood Today about filming The Flash in Vancouver (posted on April 26th). As you all probably know, the Berlanti-verse of superhero shows primarily lives on the CW and is filmed in Vancouver. Because of this, crossovers and character sharing between The Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow becomes very easy. That said, Tom mentions that Supergirl was moving up to Vancouver that week. . . wait WHAT? Does he mean that the production offices of Supergirl are going to move to film the show in Vancouver? Are they leaving the WB lot?  Could Tom be a little scatter-brained and threw out a falsehood?

We don't cover The Flash and the CW shows like we do Supergirl but we believe that all filming had wrapped on their shows at that point. Meaning that Supergirl wasn't going up there for a crossover. This is why rumors swelled that Supergirl is going to the CW. Well yesterday, a trusted source, TVbythenumbers, said that despite any ratings concerns (which is a bunch of hogwash), there is no way CBS is walking away from Supergirl.

In terms of renewal chances, though, [ratings] won’t matter much. “Supergirl” is still CBS’ top-rated freshman drama by a decent margin, and the network isn’t going to walk away from that.

With a powerful statement like that, it does seem to further cloud Tom's statement. Ultimately this is what we think: CBS, of course, is going to hold on to Supergirl for season 2. They have the budget and the power to make Supergirl continuously great. In order to bank on the success of the Flash crossover and to allow the shows to play together more often, they may be moving production to Vancouver to get the tax credits that that city offers and do more character sharing like before.

If this is true (which we haven't confirmed) it sounds like a HUGE win for Supergirl. Having more crossovers and easy access to the full character-base of the Berlanti-verse is a ratings powerhouse!

We know there is a lot there that is based on unsteady facts but we have the video, Tom said what he said. We also know CBS wants Supergirl based on the statements we've seen on Variety and TVbythenumbers. We think this could be a big win then if filming occurs in Vancouver. What do you think? Share your thoughts below and in the forum. Also, keep us hunting down the news, rumors and spoilers this summer and consider visiting our support page!

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