Supergirl Ratings Steady

As production on season one of Supergirl comes to a close, many fans are asking if there will be more Supergirl to come next year. One of the greatest measures of success are ratings. Well rest easy fans, Supergirl consistently puts up ratings at or above 1.4 in key demos with an audience of roughly 7 million people (ratings from last night). These numbers are only further enhanced by the DVR and delayed views the show enjoys which often raises the show's ratings to over the 2.0 mark. The People's Choice Winner, has been graded by several TV show analyst websites and is persistently graded as "a clear bet for renewal"! With competition like Gotham, Bachelor, The Voice and other powerhouse shows, Supergirl remains a strong contender for renewal!

Stay calm fans. We ask you put your trust in us. You would agree that we, as website runners, have some unique insides to the show that average fans do not. We are consistently saying, trust us. We will sound the alarm when its time to panic. That just simply isn't the case right now. Supergirl is strong! Strong enough to lift a dwarf star key, and strong enough for a second season. If you are worried and wish to act, continue the #SupergirlSeason2 campaign on twitter. Otherwise, sit back, relax and enjoy the show. Comments available below, forum is open as well!

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